Dara Neyland

Yearbook Coordinator

This is Dara’s 2nd year with the yearbook and 3rd year helping the PTO. Dara has 2 kids, Jake is in the 3rd grade and Ella is in 1st grade. Dara has loved every single teacher that they had because they are always the best. Dara loves getting to help the school with anything so that it makes it a better school, better people and a better environment for everyone. FAVORITE EVENT: Dara loves all the things! “I feel like it encourages community between the parents, students and teachers/staff.” In her free time, Dara loves travelling, especially hiking in the cold mountains with her kids and family. Dara loves experiencing new and fun adventures, trying to hit all of the national parks. Fun Fact about Dara: She has a degree in photography so she loves doing that on the side.